“Betty Heldreich Winstedt, the Wave Woman, was a true adventurer at a time when it was much harder to stake out that turf.”
~ Yvon Chouinard, founder, Patagonia

Wave Woman Betty Heldreich is the kind of person I admire—women and men who are one hundred percent, authentically themselves. I am inspired by her positive resilience and passion for life.”
~  Carissa Moore, pro surfer and Women’s World Tour Champion

“Morph together Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Emily Dickinson and Esther Williams and you have Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt—a 20th Century Wonder Woman.”
~ Ben Marcus, former editor of Surfer Magazine

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Philosophy defines the dynamic and hard-fought life of Betty Pembroke Heldreich who believed that anything exciting was worth trying at least once. When her airplane went down, the young pilot got back up.
            Wave Woman is a charming and intimate biography, a love letter from a daughter to her progressive mother who broke glass ceilings with simple curiosity and desire. Betty trained to swim in the 1936 Olympic Games. She eloped on a hunch and learned the tough lessons of love. With an entrepreneurial creativity and a drive for self-sufficiency, Betty found meaning as a sculptor, a dental hygienist, a jeweler, a fisherwoman, a potter and a poet. 
            In Hawaii, the thrill of big waves crashing at Makaha Beach inspired the 41-year-old mother to pick up a surfboard, conquer her fears and compete as a champion!
            Wave Woman speaks clearly to all women–and men–searching for self-confidence, fulfillment and true happiness.