About the Author

Vicky Heldreich Durand first fell in love with Hawaii at age twelve, when she spent a summer with relatives on the island of Molokai. Returning home, she talked her mother Betty into a Hawaiian trip the following summer. By the following winter, the adventurous Betty had moved her two young daughters to Honolulu.

Vicky spent her teenage years surfing with her mother. They competed in the annual Makaha International Surfing Championships. Together, they were invited to Lima, Peru, to promote women’s surfing.

Looking back at Vicky and Betty’s evolving relationship, Betty always told Vicky that every day was an adventure. Never afraid of the difficult challenges ahead, Betty inspired Vicky to take new challenges and share her mother’s story. Wave Woman is her first book.

Vicky Durand stands with new Olympian Carissa Moore under the statue of five-time Olympic medalist and surf legend Duke Kahanamoku. Moore is one of two women who will represent the USA in the new Olympic sport of Surfing.
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