Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #18

June 3, 2023 Welcome to Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #18 BLOG #18 June 3, 2023 Another beautiful week here in paradise, but with only minor progress making for little excitement and news. Monday was a holiday and then my builder Chris was out sick Tues. and Wed. And, then the third worker Ire was outContinue reading “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #18”

Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #17

May 25, 2023Welcome to Blog #17 It has been another lovely week here in paradise with some long awaited and exciting progress. Most of the bamboo fence is now up. It is gorgeous and I am very happy with the look and will soon plant the cherries in front. Just missing the two end panelsContinue reading “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #17”

Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #14

May 13, 2023Welcome to Blog #14 This has been a week requiring a lot of patience and I don’t have as much to report as I would like. Stomach flu is going around this little community and I somehow caught it. Three days were spent doing hardly anything and trying to recoup. Chris, my builderContinue reading “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #14”

Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #12

April 29, 2023 Welcome to Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #12 After publishing last week’s blog I realized I jumped ahead a whole month with my date of May rather than April. I think this was due to a wish because the windows and doors for the agriculture shed are scheduled to arrive May 15th. ThisContinue reading “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog #12”

Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog

April 9, 2023 Welcome to Blog #9I am starting this on Good Friday in hopes of getting this out a little earlier. I love living this close to the elements-the rain, wind, sun, night skies and watching the beautiful cloud formations. The birds are constantly chirping and life is tranquil watching trees and plants growContinue reading “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Blog”