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April 9, 2023

Welcome to Blog #9
I am starting this on Good Friday in hopes of getting this out a little earlier. I love living this close to the elements-the rain, wind, sun, night skies and watching the beautiful cloud formations. The birds are constantly chirping and life is tranquil watching trees and plants grow rather than television. And, there is also something to be said (besides no electric and water bill) for completely living independently off the grid having to plan your own water and electricity sources and use carefully and thoughtfully.

Patrick showed up Sunday morning with another thirteen ton load of gravel for the driveway. All the materials are now here for the driveway and most other projects. Hopefully the redo of the driveway will prevent a muddy mess like happened in the last big rain storm.I had to make cardboard and log moats to get across the mud to the truck.

My friend (and step-daughter) Sarah came out for the weekend with her dog Charlie. She brings her tent and we always have a lovely time together. On Sunday we took a drive to visit an 18th century church and old grave yard. It was an over cast and rainy day so the beach was not beckoning.

There is a very special botanical garden here with rare tropical native plants. The garden covers twelve acres with the largest breadfruit collection and also the oldest and largest heiau in the Pacific. The board of directors came in from all over the country for a board meeting along with donors who were offered a tour and catered lunch. I was invited and delighted to be included. I learned about ways to plant and plants I want here. There was also an amazing dinner with endless catered food, Hawaiian music and interesting people.

Because of the overcast days it has been great for weed eating and planting. I have been planning land scaping with Suriname Cherries, Brazilian cherries, I am cleaning up gardens and cutting cane grass back out of the mowed yard. I am planning the landscaping with bananas, citrus, miracle fruit, a green jade, Tabern, a Pukinikini, native white hybiscus, gardenias, night blooming jasmine, and of coarse the big crops coconuts, taro and breadfruit.

Little red berries are miracle fruit

Derek came to cut and pile some more hau. Some friends are here for the weekend and I am hoping to chip away a little more tomorrow.

The shed is coming along with the dark green down spouts and trim being put on. The gutters will catch water and go into a 5,000 gallon water tank. The windows and doors are a month late so there is some refiguring to do. I am so thankful for this building team. They often barbecue their lunch and invite me.

The animals all seem happy and seem more relaxed each week. Mana thinks she has human rights.

Chris is bringing his excavator this next week so I am looking forward to some real progress.

Happy Easter and thanks for tuning in.

Aloha Vicky

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