Vicky Durand’s Adventure Post #15

May 20,2023

Welcome to Blog #15

At least I think this is #15-it is all getting blurry…..

Starting Sunday it has been a rather trying week. On my way down the driveway heading to the beach for a swim my dog Haumana ran in front of the truck. It is a steep driveway so I could not see that she was so close and I ended up hitting her. She looked OK at the time, but was not herself for the rest of the day. Monday morning I rushed her to the vet clinic and it turns out she has a pelvic fracture.

At first the vet thought she might have to go back to Oahu for surgery, but she suggested cage rest and return in two weeks for another X ray. Keeping miss Mana in a cage is a sad and difficult situation that requires a lot of special attention with frequent short leash outings for her pees and poops. Luckily I have four six foot fence panels that the carpenters put together in the back open part of the shed. She has a great view of the cows and pasture and Ehu along with the cats can come and go to visit her. I set up a cot next to the cage and have been sleeping here with her so she doesn’t feel abandoned. Hopefully the next X-rays show some healing. She does not seem to be in pain so I am keeping a positive thought we will survive this set back. It is just hard when your best girl friend is laid up.

Moving ahead the windows and doors were finally delivered this week and the wooden window framing is painted and party installed. Hopefully this next week will see completion. What a slow process this is with every job dependent on another’s completion. It was a pretty full work week this week with no illness-only two shorter days as Chris’s mother went into the hospital so he had to leave early and then graduation is today so yesterday was a tad shorter. I just realize there are a lot of “hopefully” words in these blogs, but I do remain hopeful.

After some comments from the neighbor on the hill I realize a privacy fence is in order. On Thursday I made another four hour round trip to town to pick up cedar wood and bamboo for the fence. Tomorrow I will paint it with clear coat for rain and weather protection and the bamboo will go on Monday. Then I can plant the Surinam Cherries and the Brazilian Cherries in front for an edible hedge.

When in town I also picked up ten rolls of bamboo for the fence and all the PVC and materials for getting water off the roof into the catchment water tank. That ended up being quite a load and I spent two hours driving back very hesitantly often holding my breath when tourists stopped suddenly in front of me. The most challenging thing about these trips for building materials is the material is usually located in a different place than what Chris tells me and then when I finally get to the right supplier for liability no one wants to tie it on the truck. Since my knowledge about about tying wood, pipes, etc on the truck is limited it becomes an interesting situation. Luckily a man at the last place thought nothing about liability and secured everything and I made it back with out loosing anything.

Loose dirt to walk through

There is a lot of loose dirt outside here and I can’t put pavers down until Chris digs and burries the PVC pipe, so another project on hold. We have been some rain and I am looking forward to pavers and grass asap.

After waiting weeks for Derek to come and do my septic system and with no results, this week I happily found Ryan to come and install the system along with a friend he knows who does septics. I am wanting (and hoping-ha ha) to get the septic in around the same time as I apply for the final on the ag shed. I am dreaming of this all happening in the next two months if my lucky stars aline.

Plans are to have this property blessed in early August when both my daughters Marcie and Rennie visit, along with other friends, who will be here for the blessing event. Part of the blessing hopefully can be filmed. And speaking of film, the next film segment about the niu (coconut) projects will be filmed here in late August. Hopefully you have all watched the YouTube film Kumu Niu so you are familiar with our proposed project here. I am working on getting the next lo’i cleared of hau in-order for space to start the first coconut planting. This hau is difficult stuff to clear particularly with invasive tulip trees interspersed. Bradley came yesterday to cut four tulips so we can proceed on the hau. Plans are to bring a chipper in next month to start the process.

The tomatoes are going wild and I have enough to share. I also made the best beef and tomato ever this week. And, the first squash has appeared.

I think the thoughts for this week are dreams, goals and persistence. As you all can see this is a trying project, but I keep planning and moving along knowing it will happen. Synchronicity is also playing a big role here as once “out there” it brings key people in for help. YEA!!

Well, I think this is enough for this week. I am going to graduation which is a cultural event here in this lovely small community that I am loving it more each day.

Thanks for tuning in and I LOVE your comments. Wishing a wonderful week.
Aloha Vicky

3 thoughts on “Vicky Durand’s Adventure Post #15

  1. Keep us updated on your beloved fur baby…so sad for you & your girl🐶❤️. Progress is being made & certainly not easy …happy that your daughters will be visiting this summer & property will be blessed! You are getting there Vick …keep your persistence & sense of humor ❤️😊💕you are a superstar in my book!

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  2. I’m so sorry about Mana, Vicky, but it sounds as though her recovery is going well. Life always does throw us setbacks, no matter what are situation. The plans for your August blessing ceremony sound lovely – and how nice that both of your daughters are journeying over for that!


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